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General Meeting of November 28, 2013

Malcolm Sissons gave a fairly detailed history of the Hargrave family, by way of a series of slides.  See the video of this presentation on YouTube as taken by his brother.  Click on the following: HARGRAVE FAMILY HISTORY

May 10, 2008

PBCH group-photo2

We were certainly made to feel welcome at Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park on May 10th when approximately 50 members of the Medicine Hat and District Historical Society, Hat Art Club and the Retired Teachers’ Association took a day trip out to the park at Cluny. After the visit we enjoyed a strawberry tea at the Country Farmhouse.

The trip was organized by our illustrious president Allan Jensen. There is nothing quite like taking a trip with Allan. He’s organized to the ‘nth degree and you always know with him you’re bound to learn a thing or two and have fun at the same time. Thank you Allan, for arranging it.

Prince Charles, in the 1970s, suggested that heritage needed to be preserved. That became a dream for the Siksika. Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park brings that dream to reality. It is home to a visual exhibit of Blackfoot heritage and culture, an art gallery, a theatre and a research centre. To complement all this there are performances of traditional and contemporary dance, an historical Earth Lodge, Tipi Village accommodations, educational programs, hiking trails and convention services.

We took in the exhibit with a guide. However, you should take the time to read all the storyboards in order to fully appreciate the legacy left by the ancestors of the Siksika.

This wonderful centre will not only educate the likes of us but will help the young Siksika to retain and keep their proud past alive.

It was an excellent and insightful look at the Blackfoot people and their heritage. A pamphlet, given to me at the end of our visit, says that the ancestors left these words

We have to return to our past and learn of our beginnings.

Only then will we see clearly all that is ahead of us.


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